Caroline Rothwell, Murray/Darling Vista

Murray/Darling Vista is a banner and series of drawings created using car exhaust fume residue. The residue was collected from the exhaust pipes of vehicles around Shepparton, including a tractor in daily use on a dairy farm, a prized 1969 Monaro displayed at Shepparton Motor Museum and a family Commodore. After being scraped from the exhaust pipe, the powdered residue was mixed with a binding agent to become fluid, the resulting ‘pigment’ varying from vehicle-to-vehicle, from rich black to slightly brown-coloured as a result of rust. Elise Routledge, curator, 2012

Images: Murray/Darling Vista 2012, Large format print 2.5 x 5 mm, Shepparton Art Museum

Natural History drawings 2012-14, Car exhaust emission and binder

The Pulse of Time (with Chiharu Shiota), Future Perfect, Singapore

Caroline Rothwell, Vista
Caroline Rothwell, Giant Dragonfly
Caroline Rothwell - Installation view
Rothwell, Pulse of Time, Singapore
Rothwell, car exhaust painting
Rothwell, car exhaust painting