Weather Maker, 2014

by Adam Jasper
Caroline Rothwell’s work is deceptive. At a distance, the images and their materials seem familiar motifs of industrial modernism: smoke stacks, cannons, and airships. The materials, as well, are at first sight reassuringly frank: bronze, rubber, paper, ink. We are in what appears to be a 19th century archival project, a half affectionate [...]

Climatic at Dark Heart, Adelaide Biennial

by Lisa Slade
The daughter of an industrial chemist, Caroline Rothwell is no stranger to the idea that human agency can alter our environment. Her body of work, comprised of paintings and sculptures made for the Adelaide Biennial, pivots around current ideas regarding geoengineering – the science of manipulating the earth’s climate in order to cease [...]

Plants and people, Museum of Economic Botany

by Tony Kanellos
Überplants and super plants – civilizations have depended upon them for millennia. Be it wheat or rice or opium and the like, important plants have been the basis of civilisation since the Neolithic revolution.
The need for food, fibre, medicine, dyes, arts, craft tools, weapons, shelter and fuel has been a driving force in [...]

Urpflanze street Plants, Museum of Economic Botany

by Lisa Slade
I’ve been collecting and documenting ‘volunteer’ plants, as my mother calls them (most people would use the term weeds) from along streets and walkways since 2011. I select an area that is approximately 5 metres square and pull up the plants, roots and all, from that vicinity. I then record the location [...]

Caroline Rothwell’s Borderlands

by Anne Loxley
online catalogue, published by Tolarno Galleries
With Borderlands Caroline Rothwell presents her latest fictional world, a bizarre, beguiling meditation on torment, borders, invasion and the environmental consequences of human endeavor.
There is a series of machine embroideries on canvas titled Urpflanze. This title is borrowed from the German writer Goethe (1749-1832) who conceived of the [...]


Transmutation, a pre-Darwinian word used to describe ideas of evolutionary change is also an alchemical term referring to the attempt to change a base metal into a precious metal. Both these terms are relevant to Caroline Rothwell’s practice where science, art and perception collide.
Rothwell’s work revolves around our relationship with the natural [...]

Architecture of Shadows: the sculptures of Caroline Rothwell

by Christine Morrow

Caroline Rothwell, Blowback, Artspace, Sydney

Sculptures by Caroline Rothwell mostly take the form of filled volumes created by distending fabric and vinyl forms with air or molten metal. These volumes derive from borrowed images of plants, landscapes and other representations of the natural world. The artist starts with an outline [...]

The Weeds of Arcadia

by Nicholas Alfrey
All the pieces exhibited here were made during Caroline Rothwell’s three-month residency at the Lakeside Arts Centre at the University of Nottingham. Rothwell is known for her work as a sculptor, but recently her practice has been focused more on site-based drawing, working directly on the wall with signwriters’ vinyl. Her motifs have [...]

What happens when a Mouse Breeds with a Tiger

by Ashley Crawford

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
–      William Blake: The Tyger (from Songs Of Experience)
What happens when a mouse breeds with a tiger? And, in this [...]


by Jonathan Turner
Cinema is filled with examples of the chaos that ensues when some sort of creature is genetically engineered, scientifically altered or simply thrust into a man-made time-warp. Such classic films as Frankenstein, The Fly, The Island of Doctor Moreau, Godzilla, The Day of the Triffids, King Kong and Jurassic Park provide us with [...]